Herdsmen’s/Farmers’ Conflicts and Sustainable National Development in Nigeria

  • Abolaji Jamiu Atobatele
  • Ahmed Olawale Moliki


AbstractThere have been age-long rifts between farmers and pastoralists though their relationship isboth symbiotic and competitive in nature; hence this has often times led to crises whichheightened tensions and religious intolerance. Consequently, many villages have been desertedwhich has affected the socio-economic activities as well as students’ enrolment in schools. It isagainst this backdrop that the study examines the extent to which farmers’/herdsmen’s clashesaffect sustainable development in Nigeria. To collect data, interviews were conducted in someselected states in Nigeria where the scourge of terrorism was felt greatly. The sample size for theinterview was 20 where the interviewees were purposively selected based on their experience inthe subject matter and questions were asked through focus group discussion. The study foundthat government insensitivity to the plight of both farmers and herders is responsible for thecrises which have negative impact on sustainable development. The study therefore recommendsthat conflict management mechanisms should be instituted, and also sanctions should beimposed to forestall future conflicts.