Combating Food Insecurity and Rural Poverty in Ethiopia:

  • Sisay Asefa Professor, Department of Economics & Director, Center for African Development Policy Research (CADPR), Western Michigan University
  • Workneh Negatu Associate Professor, Addis ababa University
  • Tewodaj Mogues Senior Research Staff, IFPRI


This special journal review paper presents papers, most of which were contributions toResearch Symposia on International Development Issues that convened at Western MichiganUniversity on August 16‐18, 2001 and in Addis Ababa and in Ethiopia on July 11‐12, 2003irespectively. The selected the papers deal with the various dimensions of famine and foodinsecurity in Ethiopia such as food crop production technology, marketing, land tenure andmanagement, agro‐forestry, vulnerability to impoverishment, rural poverty, environmentaldegradation, and policy options for improving market participation for small farmers andlivestock producers, and rural vulnerability.