Operation Flame and the Destruction of the 3rd Division

Fantahun Ayele


The Third Division was one of the eminent army units of the Ethiopian ground forces. Since its creation in the 1940s, it was based in the Ogaden for many years to repulse possible Somali invasion. Following the defeat of Somali in 1978, it was involved in many counter-insurgency operations in Eritrea, Tigray, Wollo and Northern Shewa. In May 1990, the high command worked out a plan known as “Operation Flame” to wipe out the insurgents based in Northern Shewa and southern Wollo. But the operation miserably failed and that led to the destruction of the Third Division. Using untapped archival and oral sources, this paper attempts to investigate the main reasons for the failure of the operation.


Operation flame; army division; military; Derg; command

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A. Archives

Ministry of National Defence (MOND) Archives, Administration 1223, Bä Sostägnaw Keflä Tor Yä Tänäsawen Amäts Lämämärmär Yätäquaquamä Buden Report (Report of the Committee Formed to Investigate the Mutiny in the 3 rd Division), 8/2/75 E.C.

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MOND Archives, Operations 431, Yä Zämächa Mäbräq Yä Wegya Report (Combat Report of Operation Lightning) 21/8/79 E.C.

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Archives, Operations 518B, Adhariw Yä Somalia Mängest Selakahédäben Gelts Worära Atäqalay Zägäba 1966 – 1971 E. C (A Comprehensive Report on the Flagrant Invasion of the Reactionary Somali Government 1974 -1978), 1970 E. C.

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B. Published and Unpublished Sources

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