Bahir Dar Journal of Education
Invitation for Special Issue Publication

Bahir Dar University (BDU) and College of Education and Behavioral Science (CEBS) are celebrating their 60th and 50th anniversaries respectively. As part of these events, Bahir Dar Journal of Education (BJE), a reputable journal of education published by CEBS, will publish its first Special Issue. Hence, the journal invites all interested researchers to submit manuscripts that fit the following themes and subthemes.

Theme: Research on the three core missions of BDU: teaching-learning, research, and community engagement.

 Subthemes: BDU-focused research on the following areas:

  • Teaching-learning
  • Assessment
  • Student support
  • Teacher Education
  • Staff development
  • Curriculum development and evaluation
  • Instructional technology
  • STEM Education
  • Quality management 
  • Leadership/Governance
  • Research and publication
  • Community service practices
  • Technology transfer
  • Institutional best practices and
  • Other related topics


  • Manuscripts should address the theme and subthemes of the special issue.
  • Manuscripts should be BDU-focused. That is, they need to report the research activities of BDU and its academic/research units on the university’s three core missions.
  • Manuscripts should be original papers in the form of empirical studies, reflections, case studies, meta-analyses, and systematic reviews.
  • Synopsis of manuscripts should be submitted to the journal before 20 October 2022 using one of the following options:                                                   
  • Online submission using BJE’s Journal Management System                                                             
  • Email Submission using the following account:  

For further information, authors can contact the editors using the following addresses.

Reda Darge (Professor)

 Mulugeta Yayeh (Ph.D.)